What can Benedettini

do for you?


Benedettini's talented artisans and craftspeople specialize in designing, building and installing cabinetry that fits your every need. Each cabinet is handcrafted to fit your project.


Benedettini provides a turnkey service which includes assistance throughout your warranty and after. Our cabinetry is professionally installed and serviced throughout the entire construction process as well as post construction. Our warranty runs concurrent with that of your builders and repairs can be made during and after expiration by our highly skilled service technicians.


Our salesmen will guide you through the measuring, estimating and manufacturing processes and help you to select the custom features that will make your house feel like a home.


After the design process, your custom cabinetry is drafted and manufactured in house. This process generally takes between three and five weeks from start to finish.


Once your cabinetry has completed the manufacturing process, delivery and installation are arranged at your discretion.